“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (Mt. 18:3).

Children are not just the future of the church–they are the church here and now. As Jesus says in the passage above, children have much to teach us about God and our relationship to God, things like openness, imagination, humility, and trust.



First and second graders

The children join the adults for the beginning of the main worship service, which starts at 11:30 in the first-floor auditorium. Their presence reminds us that God came to us as a child and welcomes us as children. After the exchange of peace, the children head upstairs to the fifth floor for their own service. There the children sing worship songs, listen to the Word of God, respond to the Word with activities, enjoy some snacks, and generally have a lot of fun learning about God’s love for them.



Students gather to hear the story of God’s love

The Wednesday worship service meets at 7:30 pm in the Sarang Namu room in the basement. Children ages 7 to 13 join together to sing, pray, and listen to God’s Word. Pastor Victoria relates to the children at their level, literally, as she sits with them in a circle on the floor and engages them with the evening’s Bible story. Currently the children are reading their way through the wonderful Jesus Storybook Bible.


Every summer we host an English camp for area children from inside and outside the church. Children learn English through a variety of school subjects, such as science and geography, Bible lessons, and worship songs. The camp is run by Footsteps International, a US-based missionary charity with years of experience running English camps. The camp is run for cost, not profit. Proceeds from the camp support the missionary work of Footsteps, which consists of providing housing, education, and medical care for orphans in Honduras.