None of us, not even pastors or biblical scholars with PhDs in Greek and Hebrew, has all the answers when it comes to understanding the Bible and all that God says through it. God’s Word to us is too high, too deep, and too broad for the human mind to fully comprehend. That’s why we read the Bible in community. The Holy Spirit speaks to and through each one of us. By listening for the Spirit’s voice in one another, we see more of the panoramic activity of the Spirit among us.


There’s always room at the table

We meet for Bible study on Sunday at 1:00 PM, after the worship service ends. Usually we discuss the Scripture text for that day’s sermon. It’s an open, informal conversation, so come with your questions and comments, or if you just want to listen, that’s fine, too. The conversation usually lasts about an hour and a half. We then close by sharing prayer requests and praying together.